Things Still Left Unsaid

"My heart feels full and life seems well lived because of listening to your music." 

It is hard to express how grateful we were to read these words, which recently graced our email inbox, from a new member of our band of fearless souls. Sometimes, in the uphill climb that is the independent musician's life, we forget why we do what we do. And sometimes, after years of toiling away at something in stolen moments (our new album, in this particular case), we lose sight of what it is we're hoping to accomplish. But sometimes, if we're lucky, one of you will remind us, and that's what this particular email did for us. 

Because we truly do strive to offer something a little more than entertainment. We strive to give something in the way of a balm for weary souls or inspiration for some much needed rebellion, the comfort that comes from knowing you are not alone or a reminder of the promise of an open road. 
And so now we are offering a new collection of songs. 

On Saturday, May 21, we released our first full-length recording as Society of Broken Souls and our first collaborative album in almost 8 years. There were times when we weren't sure this album was ever going to be finished. It truly is a labor of love, one in which we wrote, produced, performed, and recorded all but 3 of the 88 (at least that's how many we think there are) parts on the 10 songs. And yes, that is why it took us nearly three years — there's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in those 10 songs. But mostly there is a lot of love and we are grateful to be able to share that love with you. 

Sometimes the thought of pursuing this thing whole hog scares the bejesus out of us. There are messages all around telling musicians that doing what we love is not really a responsible way to make a living. There are voices that tell us art is something for the sidelines and there's the old adage of "don't quit your day job". There's the reality of downloading and streaming and all sorts of other ways of consuming music that make releasing a physical CD of your own music not necessarily the most prudent business move. But when giving the songs life is as important as breathing, really, you just have to keep going.

To anyone who has ever wondered if reaching out to an artist to say thank you means anything, I can promise you, it does. The emails and comments on social media really are some of the things that keep us going. Never underestimate the power of an email sent in the middle of the night after listening to someone's music.

We are so grateful for all of the support so many of you have given us, whether you are just joining us or have been along for this whole crazy ride that began when we both ended up at the same open mic, so many moons ago. And we are trusting that the support will keep coming, that as long as we keep offering up our hearts and souls in the best way we know how, the songs will keep reaching the people who need them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ Lauryn
May 30, 2016

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