Let’s get off of this interstate and take the two lane north
Eighty miles an hour and we don’t even know what for
And roll down your window, babe, 'cause the day she’s looking fine
Ever since we wondered 'cross that Chase County Line

A worn-down, beat-up cattle pen tries to kiss the ground
The wind across these Kansas plains can take a good man down
But today it’s just a gentle breeze flirting with my skin
So unwrap that winter heart and let the warmth melt in

You must have known when you took a gypsy bride
I’d always find the blue highways
But the road is so much sweeter when you’re along for the ride
So let’s get lost one more day

The tall grass prairie’s waving while she dances with the sky
Shaking off her rusted coat to let the wildflowers glorify
A little piece of heaven on a stretch of unplowed earth
Mourning dove’s sweet elixir distilled from the roots of all this hurt


’Cause I’ve seen the way the light’s been slipping from your eyes
The toll you’re paying is too damn high
But it ain’t too late to turn this rig around
Let your song be unbound

How far did we wander off the path we thought we’d take
Let the wheels put miles behind all the wrong turns that we made
All I need is an open road and a little room to roam
And sometimes taking forgotten routes is the quickest way back home


Let’s get off of this interstate and take the two lane north