There’s no one on this lonely road, just you and I
Kaleidoscope of colors in a watermelon sky
I got one hand on the steering wheel while you’re riding shotgun
Are we chasing sunset rubies or are we just out on the run?

There’s a sign up ahead
By the side of the road
Out here in the fading light
Rough road, no shoulder

The hours roll away my love, while a coy and slender moon
Dancing through the shadow peaks to a rusted broke-down tune
Static crackling on the AM radio, Crazy Woman Creek
I can barely hear you breathing, you can barely hear me speak


The high beams on this midnight road are our only light
Can’t see what’s around the bend as the highway splits the night
I don’t know how we found ourselves, out here all alone
Drinking in the darkness, a restless need to roam