1. Here I Am


You stand there looking mean
Staring me down again
You’re hoping I’ll come clean
‘Cause you know where I’ve been
Oh I ain’t got the nerve to say
It wouldn’t matter if I did
‘Cause somethings never change
Oh who am I to kid

But don’t you turn and walk away from me
Don’t you leave me where I stand
‘Cause after all it was you who brought me here
And here I am

You got something on your mind
Something you need to say
But you think it unkind
That you feel this way
Oh don’t you lie to me
‘Cause I deserve more than that
I’ve come with you this far
I’m gonna stay right where I am


You step out in the street
With your pistol at your side
And all eyes fall on me
There’s no place left to hide
Oh you and I both know
Hiding’s no way to live
If you’re looking to take aim
Well, I got blood to give