1. One More Kiss


Well you walked away from the midnight parade
You left all your friends for the night
‘Cause the whisky ran dry and the streetlights don’t ask why
You made up your mind to start some kind of fight

Fighting’s much better than nothing at all
And nothing’s about all that you’ve had
So you knocked on my door on a Saturday night
Stood on my steps your heart drawn like a knife

Well I came to the door, saw you standing there
I tried to look past you but the moonlight caught your hair
You said why’d you go and leave me all alone like this
Don’t you ever want just one more kiss

There was crying and yelling, there was the calling of names
There were things we both said we didn’t know we could say
When one of us ran, the other gave chase
There was an awful lot that we both had to face

Well the tears in your eyes left a taste in my mouth
That I swear to this day is the sweetest in the south
You made love that night like there was no love but yours
But the light Sunday morning sent you out my front door

You walked out on me while I lay asleep
Tangled but forgiven there alone in the sheets
You said I hate to go and leave you all alone like this
But I told you i only wanted one more kiss
Yes I told you I only wanted one more kiss