**We have taken a break from the Ephemera Video Series while we navigate the new reality of being a touring musician during the Time of Coronavirus. We've kept the most recent ones up and will get back to posting new songs soon. In the meantime, we are posting videos regularly on Facebook and our YouTube channel.**

e-phem-er-a: (noun) things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.

We love seeing the arc of a song, watching it develop and take shape and come together, and so we wanted to share a bit of the process with our fans. We'll have a bit of a rotating cast of characters here — the songs are in their very beginning stages (sometimes you are seeing the actual first time we have played it through together!) and so we will only be keeping each one up for a few weeks and aim to have a few up at any given time. But these videos aren't just for anyone. They're for those of you who want to share in the creative process, who can be tender with these newbies as they find their way, who want to be witness to and part of the journey of the song.

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"I Don't Know You Anymore" by Lauryn Shapter

Lauryn wrote and we arranged this song way back in the summer of 2018, after which it for some reason fell by the wayside. We explain why we revived it in the video — the song starts at about 2:22, if you're impatient.

"Song of Your Long Regret" (first draft) by Dennis James

We're loving this new song — quintessential two part harmony, fiddle and guitar. Celebrating our roots with this one.

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